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Inside Podcasting

Jan 22, 2020

This bonus episode of Inside Podcasting is all the good stuff from Skye’s interview with Everything is Alive ( creator Ian Chillag that didn’t make it into the full episode from last August.

The episode is divided into two parts: the first illuminates a bit more about Ian’s background — and contains some juicy bits about what he learned about interviewing from Fresh Air’s Terry Gross —  and the second reveals a few more behind-the-scenes details regarding how Ian makes his show. Enjoy!

If you haven’t listened to Skye’s original interview with Ian, you can find that here:


Inside Podcasting is produced and hosted by Skye Pillsbury. Evo Terra of Simpler Media Productions is Skye’s co-producer for season two of the podcast and is also helping Skye put together these bonus episodes (more to come!). Charles Quilley is Skye’s sound engineer. Thanks to Jason Calacanis for greenlighting this project.