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Inside Podcasting

Aug 19, 2020

Welcome to a bonus episode of Inside Podcasting! Today we are featuring an episode from the Podcast Brunch Club podcast, in which founder Adela Mizrachi interviews Gregory Warner, host of NPR’s Rough Translation. This show explores “how things we're talking about in the United States are being talked about in some other part of the world.” 

Podcast Brunch Club is more than just a podcast. Every month Adela and her team put out a themed listening list. Members listen on their own time and then gather in real-life or virtually to discuss the playlist. 

Find out more:

Podcast Brunch Club website 

Podcast Brunch Club on Twitter

Get in touch:

Host Skye Pillsbury on Twitter @SkyePillsbury                         

Podcast Brunch Club founder Adela Mizrachi on Twitter @AdelaMiz

Rough Translation Host Gregory Warner on Twitter @RadioGrego

Producer Evo Terra on Twitter @EvoTerra

Inside Podcasting is produced and hosted by Skye Pillsbury. Evo Terra of Simpler Media Productions is Skye’s co-producer for season two. Thanks to Jason Calacanis for greenlighting this project and Skye’s family for their unwavering support. Last but not least, thanks to all of YOU, the wonderful people who listen to this show.

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