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Inside Podcasting

Sep 18, 2019

Skye speaks with Madeleine Baran, the host of APM Reports’ award-winning podcast In the Dark. Madeleine reveals:

  • What drew her to investigative journalism;
  • How she and her team write and structure the show;
  • Whether she practices her “narration voice”;
  • How she felt when authorities admitted that their investigation into Jacob Wetterling's disappearance had failed; 
  • What it was like to be at the Supreme Court in June;
  • Her thoughts on the judicial branch's power — or lack of power — in regards Curtis Flowers' fate;
  • What she feels is still missing in podcasting.

Meanwhile, Skye does her best Terry Gross impression.

Get in touch:

Host Skye Pillsbury on Twitter @skyepillsbury

Guest Madeleine Baran on Twitter @madeleinebaran

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