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Inside Podcasting

Apr 29, 2020

This bonus episode of Inside Podcasting contains more great stuff from Skye’s original interview with former Fortune writer Jessi Hempel. After Jessi jumped from traditional print journalism to LinkedIn, she took on the role of host of the social platform’s podcast Hello Monday. In this installment, Hempel shares her early aspirations to be a poet, the time she interviewed “a very young Mark Zuckerberg,” and why she decided to pursue new challenges at LinkedIn.

If you haven’t listened to Skye’s original interview with Jessi, you can find that here.

Inside Podcasting is produced and hosted by Skye Pillsbury. Evo Terra of Simpler Media Productions is Skye’s co-producer for season two of the podcast and is also helping Skye put together these bonus episodes. Charles Quilley is Skye’s sound engineer. Thanks to Jason Calacanis for greenlighting this project and to all of YOU, the wonderful people who listen to this show.

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