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Inside Podcasting

Aug 28, 2019

Skye speaks with former Fortune writer Jessi Hempel, who is now the host of LinkedIn's podcast Hello Monday. Jessi's show blends interviews with people like Seth Meyers and Abby Womback with original reporting from the LinkedIn editorial team. Skye was especially excited to speak with Jessi because like Skye, Jessi is a first-time podcaster.

The pair discuss:

  • The nitty-gritty of making a podcast from scratch: deciding on episode length and show structure; landing guests, trusting your own curiosity, finding your voice as a host, and much more;
  • Which A-list guests make Jessi nervous;
  • Why Seth Meyers was the perfect guest for Hello Monday;
  • Which podcaster Jessi fangirled over when they met in-person for the first time.

Get in touch: 

Host Skye Pillsbury on Twitter @skyepillsbury

Guest Jessi Hempel on Twitter @jessiwrites

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