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Inside Podcasting

Aug 21, 2019

Skye talks to Ian Chillag, the creator of Everything is Alive, a podcast in which Ian interviews inanimate objects. Skye and Ian discuss:

  • What it's like when Fresh Air's Terry Gross drops an F-bomb;
  • How Ian creates his funny, thought-provoking and original show;
  • How Ian prepared (or not) for a scene with a pregnancy test;
  • What it's like to be part of the Radiotopia network;
  • The concept of "podcast flavor." 

Skye and Ian kick things off with a discussion of Ian's early career. If you want to skip right to the Everything is Alive chat, fast-forward to 7:25. A clip of the show plays at 13:40. Enjoy!

Get in touch:

Host Skye Pillsbury, on Twitter @skyepillsbury

Guest Ian Chillag, on Twitter @ianchillag

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