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Inside Podcasting

Jul 15, 2020

Independent podcast critic and creator Wil Williams joins host Skye Pillsbury to share why she decided to make the kind of work she critiques and what the experience has been like so far. Wil reveals:

  • What it felt like when she decided to create a podcast; 
  • How writing some of the characters in Valence helped her untangle things in her own life;
  • Why launching her show felt “unsatisfying” right after it happened — and how she feels now;
  • Her favorite non-fiction podcasts.

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Inside Podcasting is produced and hosted by Skye Pillsbury. Evo Terra of Simpler Media Productions is Skye’s co-producer for season two. Special thanks to Paul Kondo, who helped edit this episode, and researcher Rachel Loden, who doubles as Skye’s Mom. Thanks also to Jason Calacanis for greenlighting this project, Skye’s family, and all of YOU, the fantastic people who listen to this show.

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